Management of users invited to Boldem account

Michal Michal Krejčí
16. October 2023

If you have invited other users to your Boldem account, you can access an overview of them in Settings/Users on the Invitations tab. Users who have accepted the invitation can be found on the List tab, where you can efficiently manage them by clicking on the three dots icon ᎒ and selecting the desired action:

  • Edit user: Used to modify user details by clicking the user’s name to open the edit dialog. There, you can update the full name, phone number, and gender on the Overview tab. You can manage the user’s permissions (for your reference) on the Roles tab, and track their login history on the History tab.
  • Change password: Allows you to change the password.
  • Reset password: Used to send an email to the user containing instructions on how to reset their password.
  • Block user: Used to prevent the user from logging into the application. If necessary, the user can be unblocked again and allowed to access the application.
  • Delete user: Used to permanently remove the user from the system.