Integrating Boldem with Upgates

Michal Michal Krejčí
16. October 2023

If you want to utilize the Boldem tool’s full automation potential, including effectively engaging with customers who have not completed their purchases or using products automatically imported from your e-shop to create templates, it is essential to integrate Boldem with your Upgates e-shop. Furthermore, you will need to have an activated Profi plan to use the abandoned cart feature. Activating this plan is a simple process that can be done in the Billing section of your Boldem settings.

Please note: In the trial version of the Upgates platform, you can test the integration with Boldem, but the abandoned cart tracking feature is only available in the paid version.

How to integrate Boldem with Upgates:

  1. Log into your Upgates account and click Addonsin the left menu.
  2. Click API.
upgates addons
  1. Click New in the top-right corner.
upgates new button
  1. Enter a name, leave the default selection of all items, and click Save.
upgates api save
  1. Keep the API data window open; you will need the information from this page in the following steps.
  2. If you already have a Boldem account, log into it in a new window, or create a new account.
  3. Select Settings from the left-hand menu and click Integrations.
Selecting Integrations in the Boldem settings.
  1. On the right side of the screen, click New integration.
Selecting New integration in the Boldem settings.
  1. Select Upgatesfrom the drop-down menu.
Selecting Upgates in the Integrations drop-down menu in the Boldem settings.
  1. In the e-shop URL field, enter the full URL of your e-shop. For example:
  2. Fill in the Name of the online shop. This is the name of the e-shop you have selected in Upgates. If the name contains spaces, you need to replace them with a hyphen symbol (-).

You can retrieve the e-shop name from the URL when copying the API data in the Addons/API section. The e-shop name is located in the first part of the URL. For example, if the full address is, simply enter the text name-of-your-eshop in the field.

Name of the e-shop in the Upgates administration
  1. In the API login field, enter LOGIN from the Upgates API settings page.
API login Upgates
  1. In the API Key field, enter the API KEY from the Upgates API Settings page that appears when you click Show API Key.
show upgates api key

When copying a key, it occasionally includes extra characters. To ensure that the copied content exactly matches the string, paste it into a text editor or notepad first, and then recopy it from there. This helps prevent potential synchronization issues.

  1. Choose the Mailing list where you would like to store individual contacts, or create a new one by clicking the icon next to the drop-down menu. Recipients from your e-shop will be uploaded to this list.
  2. At the bottom of the dialog, toggle the switch from Inactive to Active.
activation upgates integration
  1. Click Save.

Within 15-30 minutes of entering the verification code, the system will synchronize your contacts, products, and orders between your Upgates e-store and the Boldem app.

  • Contacts can be found in the Mailing lists section by clicking the previously selected mailing list.
  • Products will appear in the Website activity section under Products.
  • Look for orders in the Website activity section under Orders.
  • You can also use imported products while designing templates by inserting the Product block.

Tracking abandoned shopping carts

To monitor data regarding your customers, their visited pages, orders, and shopping carts, a few additional steps are necessary:

  1. In Boldem, go to Settings and select the Websites section to see your e-shop.
  2. Click Edit by the Upgates e-shop.
Setting up an abandoned cart in Boldem.
  1. You will be directed to the settings page where you can find the code that needs to be inserted into your Upgates account page. Copy the code by clicking the icon next to the code box, or manually select it and press Ctrl and C to copy.
upgates boldem code
  1. Log into your Upgates account as an administrator.
  2. Go to Addons and click Custom conversion codes.
  3. In the field called The code is placed between the tags <head> and </head>, located at the top of the page called Codes located on all pages, insert the code copied from Boldem.
code two
  1. Confirm the dialog by clicking Save.

As soon as visitors begin to navigate through your e-shop, you can monitor their actions, orders, and shopping carts in the Website activity section of the Boldem app. Simultaneously, you can leverage advanced automation capabilities to respond to your customers’ behaviors.

Note: Usually, data about an abandoned cart is only sent to the Boldem app when a user adds an item to the cart and then proceeds to another page. If they simply add the item to the cart and immediately close the page, it is less likely that the information will be visible in Boldem.