What is the purpose of automation?

Michal Michal Krejčí
15. September 2023

One of the basic features the Boldem marketing tool offers is automation. In this article, you will learn what automations are and what automations are used for in marketing. Furthermore, we will provide you with links to guide you through the process of setting up and using automations.

What are automations?

As the name implies, automation provides an efficient solution to tasks that would otherwise demand manual effort. This holds true in marketing as well, where automation serves to simplify and expedite numerous processes while improving the building and maintenance of customer relationships. Examples of such uses include:

  • Automatically sent campaigns – rather than manually creating separate campaigns for recipient groups, you set up the procedure and criteria to determine how you wish to reach your recipients. The rest is handled automatically by the Boldem application at regular intervals based on the parameter you have selected. For example, you can send automatic greeting cards for name days, birthdays, or other anniversaries which can include automatically inserted promo codes. Alternatively, you can also welcome a new recipient to your e-shop immediately or a certain number of days after registration.
  • Automated series of emails – you do not need to restrict yourself to a single email when setting up automation. Quite the opposite! With Boldem, you can send a sequence of emails at various intervals, progressively encouraging your customers to subscribe to your newsletter or further motivating them to make a purchase.
  • Targeted outreach to relevant recipient groups – if you upload data of individual customer’s completed orders from your online store to Boldem, you can easily send them tailored campaigns through automation. These campaigns can encourage them to make additional purchases or engage in other desired interactions.
  • Personalized automatic deliveries – Boldem not only simplifies the process of sending automatic deliveries, but also enhances your ability to communicate with customers by ensuring correct spelling of their first name, last name, or both. This attention to detail instantly makes your messages more appealing to recipients and helps them stand out among generic salutations.
  • Identification of potential customers – based on recipients’ reactions to your campaigns, you can automatically deliver personalized content that is relevant to specific recipient groups. You can also re-engage customers who have not made a purchase in a while but still have the potential to be interested in buying.

These practices and many others are essential to maximize the potential of your customer base and grow it. Manual grouping, outreach, and campaign creation would not be efficient or practical in this context, leaving room for a lot of error. Therefore, the Boldem automation tool is there to make most of these monotonous tasks easier.

In summary, properly set up and thoroughly tested marketing automation can help you save time, boost efficiency, and yield improved outcomes in your client interactions.

Can I configure automation in Boldem on my own?

Yes! Creating an automation is just as easy as creating a regular campaign, the only difference is that you invest a bit more time in testing.

To create an automation, you will need the following:

  • Goal you want to achieve with automation.
  • Scenario according to which an automation should behave.
  • Transactional template (if email dispatch is part of the automation).
  • Activated Boldem Profi plan.

A list of recommended automations can be found below. However, with the Boldem Profi plan, you do not have to limit yourself and can create an automation completely to your liking.

Can you set up automation for me?

Absolutely! Creating customized automations is a paid service. Our salespeople will gladly make a quotation for you. In order for us to fully assist you with the creation of your automation, we will require you to provide us with the following:

  • Goal you want to achieve with automation.
  • Scenario according to which an automation should behave.
  • Transactional template (if email dispatch is part of the automation).
  • Activated Boldem Profi plan.

Once you fulfill all the requirements, reach out to our sales department to get started.

Below, you will find links to recommended automations that can significantly enhance your customer engagement in a personalized manner and help establish brand awareness.

Welcome campaign for new users

When a new customer subscribes to your newsletter, reads new articles on your blog, or makes a purchase in your e-shop, it is essential to connect with them in a highly personalized manner. With Boldem, welcoming new customers is incredibly straightforward. Simply select your mailing list and template, and our automated system will handle the rest, ensuring your message is sent with adequate salutations.

Setting up welcome automation.

Automation for Christmas, holidays, or anniversary events

Celebrate your customers’ anniversaries by sending them a special gift or promo code! With Boldem, you can effortlessly automate messages to your customers for various occasions such as name days, birthdays, first purchase anniversaries, and registration dates, etc.

Setting up anniversary automation.

Rescue of abandoned shopping carts

On average, up to 70% of online store shopping carts are left abandoned. Fortunately, we have a solution for that, too! By simply integrating your online store with Boldem, you can automatically reach out to customers who have added items to their cart but, for some reason, did not finalize their purchase.

Setting up automation to rescue abandoned shopping carts.

Automated campaign for reactivation to regain lost customers

Re-engage customers who have been inactive for some time by automatically sending them a single reactivation email or a series of emails at different intervals. Encourage them not only to make a purchase but also to rediscover your brand and stay informed about your latest updates. Set up the automation once, and Boldem will take care of delivering the emails on your behalf from then on.

Setting up automated reactivation campaign to regain lost customers.

Take advantage of the chance to connect with active shoppers and suggest other related products following their purchase of a particular item from your store. Keep them engaged not only with personalized and relevant content but also with discounts. The ideal solution to automatically offer post-sale services such extended warranties, insurance, or sending purchase-related materials – video tutorials, manuals, invitations to product or service user communities, and more.

Setting up automation to offer related products after purchase.

Other automations

With the Boldem Profi plan, you have the possibility to create unlimited automations. These automations allow you to acquire new customers, re-engage with past customers, connect with newly registered potential customers, send personalized emails on customer anniversaries, and even target customers based on their past purchases or current shopping cart contents.