Installing Shopify add-on

Michal Michal Krejčí
11. August 2022

After installing the Boldem add-on in your Shopify store, you need to perform a few additional steps:

  1. Check your inbox for a message with an Authentication code from Boldem. If you can’t find the message, make sure to check your junk e-mail (SPAM) folder as well.
  2. Copy the authentication code to your clipboard.
  3. Log into your Boldem account.
  4. From the left menu select Nastavení (Settings) and click Propojení (Integrations).
Connection option
  1. On the right side of the screen, click Nové propojení (New integration).
New connection
  1. From the drop-down menu select Shopify.
Settings - Shopify
  1. Click into the Ověřovací kód (Authentication code) field and paste the code you copied from your email.
  2. Select the Seznam příjemců (List of recipients) where you want to import individual contacts, or create a new one. The app will automatically and continually import recipients from your e-shop to this list.
  3. Click Uložit (Save) and wait a moment.
Shopify integration

Within 15 minutes of entering the Authentication code, the system starts synchronizing contacts, products, and orders between your Shopify store and Boldem account.

  • You can find your contacts under Seznamy příjemců (List of recipients) in the list of recipients chosen during the previous steps.
  • To view you products, click Aktivita na webu (Website activity) menu item and select the Produkty (Products) tab.
  • To check new orders, navigate to Aktivita na webu (Website activity) and select the Objednávky (Orders) tab.

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